Where your business takes flight.

Run your own fitness business. Trainerous is the most complete and easy to use client management software  for the health and fitness industry.  

Trainerous is currently in closed beta.  Let us know if you're interested and we will send you an invitation.

Personal Trainer

If you’re starting out on your own or with a partner, you can create and sell your own fitness plans.

Yoga Studio

Let your customers make appointments with you and see the classes that you’ve got during the week.


Get more customers by sharing your gym community, equipment and services with the world.

Martial Arts Dojo

Keep your students coming back by supporting their long term fitness training goals.

Running your fitness business is easier with Trainerous.

And that starts as soon as you join the Trainerous family.  All of our features are there for you from the start, with no hidden fees or different levels of access. You have an overview of client payments, set up memberships, allow users to make appointments, and track your classes very easily.


Will Trainerous go with me?

Of course! You can take Trainerous with you wherever you go because it works perfectly on a smartphone or tablet.  Now you don't need to be in front of a computer to create tailored exercise plans for your clients.


Will Trainerous suit my fitness business?

You bet! Whether you are a personal trainer, yoga instructor, gym or martial arts dojo owner, or even a physiotherapist Trainerous has the features that will help your business grow.

A young woman stretches in a Yoga pose. Trainerous is right for any fitness business.

How does Trainerous protect all of my personal information?

Privacy and security are top priorities for us. We ensure that all of your information is encrypted whenever it is sent to you devices.  We store all of your information in secure top-of-the-line data centers, and best of all we ensure your credit card and banking information are stored with the highest level of PCI security.

A Secure Safe For Storing Your Valuable Information

Will it be easy to switch to Trainerous?

Yes, it will. There's no need to manually transfer your website if it's hosted with WordPress. Just download the content and import it into Trainerous. That means things like your blog posts, images, web pages and more.

A fit man gestures in happiness with his fitness business

Will I love Trainerous?

We aren't satisfied unless you are.  We work hard to make sure that we have everything you need to manage your business all in one place, and that everything is as easy as possible to manage.  We are also adding new features all the time and you can get involved to let us know what you would like to see next.  That's a lot of happiness all around.

Trainerous Loves Its Fitness Business Customers

Ready to find out more?

Trainerous is currently in a closed beta, which means it's being tested by real customers.  If you're interested in joining the beta, please let us know!

If you're still not sure, why not ask us any questions you have.